THE TURNBULL ARCHIVE represents an extensive resource of design, and is one of the largest Pattern Archives for printed cloth, covering different styles, pattern sizes and periods.

It is regarded by leading academics and design historians as being of national importance, and at its heart lies the work of Turnbull & Stockdale, a leading and innovative textile manufacturer founded in 1881 by William Turnbull.

The references are held in the form of original sketches, paper artwork, and in many cases period fabric cuttings together with manufacturing colourway references.

Reflecting the evolution of the history of design for more than 150 years; representing cutting edge stylistic trends of the post-industrial period. Categorised by period, style, motif and influence, our team can assist designers and producers with identifying key themes and concepts guiding and preparing lists of patterns for review and discussion.

Designs selected are available to be licenced or leased for commercial applications.

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This unique and unused commericial collection comprises design sketches, original paper documents, many period printed fabric pieces, as well as a colour library showing the colourways that were printed. The comprehensive Turnbull & Stockdale reference library provides dates and manufacturing details about the patterns and represents a key resource for those seeking to recreate a historically accurate look, and in some cases recreating the authentic colour combinations.

The archives aim is to constantly digitally extend and update the database library, a process that will continue for many years to come. Restoration and preservation of many of the pieces is currently being undertaken, allowing for a greater number of fragile patterns to become available and accessed via electronic means.

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As an addition we can offer a unique working partnership with our manufacturing arms of Turnbull Designs and Turnbull Prints, whose experienced and technically expert staff ensure the right look and product are achieved. This dedicated team allows for easier and un-fettered access to the Archive providing comprehensive design development solutions: Pattern development to scaling and layout to separated file interpretation and CAD colouring, through to bespoke printing of Fabrics and Wallpapers. Combined with our own expertise, we have strong links with academics and specialists in design history from textile, fashion, architecture, interior to industrial and product design.

Where appropriate part of the historical supply solution can be enhanced by our own manufacturer, Turnbull Designs and Turnbull Prints. These two long established companies preserve much of the traditional craft skills for textile and wallpaper production such as hand colour separation, hand-block printing, and a broad range of specialist printing activities including screen and the latest digital technology.